Two Demos.

by Hellbound

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released May 7, 2015



all rights reserved


Hellbound Middlesbrough, UK

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Track Name: Path of Hatred.
Step into this world with me,
I see the anguish that lies within your greed.
All for one, and one for all.
We stand together, Through, and Throughout all.

I've seen the pain behind their eyes
and i feel the same inside
I've been trapped behind closed doors
and inside these four walls,
for far too long now.

Its time i break these chains,
its time i change my ways
I've sacrificed too much for my sanity,
You'll never be a part of me.

You'll never be a part of me!

My Last single breath,
will be the end of yours.
I've seen your weakness
you can't run from your demise.

Your blood is on my hands
you can't escape this
We'll tear your world apart
it's your time to suffer

The path of hatred,
you betrayed us.
The pain you've caused,
Your blood is on my hands.
Track Name: Mind Violation.
Same old faces,
stare at me with bloodshot eyes.
I don't take my time.
I always take my chances.
Yet life still passes me by!

Have i lost my mind?
Or am i losing control?
Is this what it feels like?
To have the world crash down on me.
Is this what it feels like?
To be swallowed beneath.

I can't take this,
suffocating silently.
After everything i've done and seen
i'm only left with anxiety!

This is how ends,
i'm powerless.
This is how it ends,
No pity for the wretched.
Life fades off in the distance,
death creeps up on my back.
I feel my eyes roll backwards,
to get you out of sight.

They've seen behind your guiltless smile.
They've seen your convictions.
Not guilty by association,
your power is,
your addiction!

Your reign has come to an end!

I'ts time to wake up from this fucking disaster,
Plant the seed of hate and kill your master.
until the sea runs red with retribution,
Smashed to fucking dust you're human pollution.